Happy living, love and passion for art and culture can only bring us all to the eternal city ‘Caput Mundi’, a true heritage of humanity. After all, even the great roman poet Publio Ovidio, praising the wonderful capital city, said: Quid Melius Roma? (what better than Rome?).

Carpegna Suite 92, luxury and excellence signed by Paolo Canto

For thousands of years, a great crossroads of civilisations, it has always seen hospitality as its excellent strength. Rome has led it today to be one of the most visited cities and where people from all over the world flock to admire the wonders that only the ‘Eternal City’ can offer.


With this vision in his mind, relying on his thirty years of experience and perfect knowledge in the Luxury Hospitality sector in all its aspects, the eclectic and visionary Roman entrepreneur PAOLO CANTO has given life to a prestigious reality, “Carpegna Suite 92”.

Paolo Canto

Sure of the fact that today the all-around Luxury sector is witnessing solid exponential growth with an ever-increasing demand from wealthy clients for prestigious realities that can fully satisfy their needs.

A luxurious and magnificent suite in a prestigious Roman palace has been equipped with all the amenities to satisfy even the most demanding guests; wellness area with jacuzzi, sauna and Turkish bath where you can relax in total privacy. And this is how Paolo Canto created Carpegna Suite 92 in the heart of beautiful Rome.

An architectural jewel that has seen a long and meticulous work of realisation that he has followed meticulously in the first person and where his 100% touch and creativity is visible. The result… a perfect mix of luxury and excellence, making comfort and privacy his prized ‘calling card’.

Carpegna Suite 92 is just one of the many excellent projects conceived, directed and realised by Paolo Canto. Grown-up in the Hospitality sector with experience gained at an international level, he has thus put his experience and vision to good use after experience gained in 5-star hotels and prestigious realities in the Luxury sector.

His entrepreneurial career began in 2006 with his first accommodation facility in the Campo dei Fiori’ area. After this, a succession of excellent accommodation facilities that he likes to call Boutique Hotels’ led him a few years ago to be the first facility in Rome to be present on the most important booking portal: booking.com.

To date, about twenty structures have been created by the eclectic and ingenious entrepreneur who, with his know-how, oversees every aspect of the realisation at 360 degrees: design, choice of materials, the contribution of qualified artisans, as well as the obsessive attention to detail with the inclusion of objects that make each reality created by him unique.

His great professionalism has led him to the full knowledge of the most important booking sites in the World, dedicating himself in particular to portals dedicated mainly to Luxury & Lifestyle.

A professional manager,  close to those who decide to invest in the World of Luxury Hospitality, creating an absolutely ‘Tailor Made’ project. The perfect advice for every client’s needs… the right person to create your real estate jewel.