Looking for beautiful, serene greenery to sight-see in Spain? You do not need to break a sweat to find gorgeous gardens. Spain does not want when it comes to gardens and these gardens offer different views due to the variety of architectural design, layout, and feel. Apart from architecture, these gardens range from herbariums to modern-styled gardens and city parks. In addition, they are easy to reach as trains in Spain are very dependable. Here are five famous gardens in Spain.

Royal Botanical Gardens, Madrid – An exhibit that supports plants from the tropical, temperate, and desert climates and a greenhouse that dates from the 19th century; are just a couple of the richness the Royal Botanic Garden in Spain boasts of. This garden, on an eight-hectare expanse of land, was founded in 1955 by King Ferdinand VI. It was installed in the orchard of Migas Calientes – present-day Puerta De Hierro – but was later moved to Murillo Square in 1774 by King Charles. It was declared an artistic garden in 1942 and is presently divided into seven outdoor terraces and five greenhouse areas. Being the largest herbarium in Spain, it contains about 90,000 flowers and plants and about 1,500 trees. Best believe all of these are waiting to be seen by you. Did I mention that it contains over a million species from all around the globe?

Park Güell, Barcelona – This 12-hectare tranquil park in Barcelona reflects the naturalist period of (famous architect) Gaudi’s art. The park is named after Count Eusebi Güell; as the park was originally a failed attempt at a luxury housing estate that was Güell’s idea. This change of plan was spurred by an adoption of a movement from England where communities were surrounded and punctuated by greenery. This park can be reached by train to Barcelona through the underground railway system. Entrance to Park Güell is, however, not free; tickets are limited and frequently sold out. Gaudi’s house, located inside the park featuring his personally-designed furniture, can be seen by a different entrance fee. Designed from a naturalist perspective, as stated earlier, this park brings peace, calm, and serenity to the visitor.

The Generalife Gardens, Granada – This garden, and the palace that contains it, is located adjacent to Alhambra – Spain’s second most visited tourist site. And guess what? It is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site. With its name having been derived from an Arabic phrase that means “Garden of the Architect” or “Garden of the Artist”, it was initially a private retreat that doubled as agriculturally-purposed farming estates for the Sultans away from the responsibilities of Alhambra. It was constructed by Nasrid Sultans in the 13th century. However, different operations and rebuilding in the Christian period after the reconquest have it presently featuring Nasrid and, subsequently, modern elements in its design. The garden and the palace have a relaxing and intimate feel to them, as it was originally built for rest. Its decorative motifs are also exquisite and rich because it was defined for… Yes. Kings.

The Alcazar Gardens, Seville – The Water Gardens of Dorne? Game of Thrones? Rings a bell? The Alcazar Gardens in Seville was the location of the fictional GOT gardens. Like the Generalife, it is presently a mix of architecture – Moorish Islamic and Spanish Christian. Also, like the Generalife, it is located in a palace. It is also a world heritage site. With diligent collection over time, the 60,000m² garden boasts more than 170 species. The Alcazar gardens contain six gardens, each with its unique style. Nevertheless, all of the gardens are graceful, delightful, and colourful whilst providing privacy. The beautiful gardens are also designed to shelter humans – and animals alike – from heat and rain showers. The Alcazar Gardens are widely referred to as a glimpse of perfection or heaven and are considered the most beautiful place in Spain. That sure does not sound like what you will like to miss out on.

El Buen Retiro Park, Madrid – Its name literally translates to “Park of the Pleasant Retreat” in Spanish. It is a UNESCO world heritage site in combination with The Paseo del Prado boulevard in Madrid. In the Buen Retiro Park are gardens, galleries, an artificial lake, statues and other monuments, and places to host events. This park has a beautiful rose garden and its large number of monuments has transformed it into an open-air sculpture museum. It is the 350-acres “green heart” of the city and a lot of city activities go on in it – free concerts, book fairs, outdoor exercising, puppet shows, fortune telling, street performance, and myriads of sporting activities.

Sightseeing is most enjoyable when the scenery, culture, architecture, and landscapes are phenomenal. Gardens are one of the ways of being close and spending time with nature. The diverse plant life in the world is brought closer and can be thoroughly appreciated, and there is the undeniable calmness gardens provide us with. Gardens in Spain have all of this to give to you – the sight-seer.

Article edit by Mark Webber