The historical City of Padua will host at the prestigious “Centro Culturale Altinate” from 30 September 2022 to 29 January 2023 more than 150 artworks, including drawings, photographs, engravings, silkscreens, sculptures and postcards by the Pop Art Genius Andy Warhol.

The important artistic/cultural event entitled “Andy Warhol Icona Pop” will be managed and supervised by Simona Occioni and Alessandra Mazzoleni. The exhibition is organised by ARTIKA (Daniel Buso and Elena Zannoni) in collaboration with Foundation Mazzoleni and the City of Padua.

Pres. Foundation Mazzoleni – Simona Occioni

The main aim of the Foundation Mazzoleni (managed by Simona Occioni and Alessandra Mazzoleni) is to enhance historical and prestigious places such as period villas, castles and churches by organising public and private events through exhibitions of paintings, sculptures and photographs by internationally renowned artists, in order to involve art enthusiasts and non-art enthusiasts alike, bringing important collections to tourist resorts, luxury hotels and many important Italian art cities. Hence the cohesion between the two realities.

“Andy Warhol Icona Pop” brings together more than 150 artworks, including drawings, photographs, engravings, silkscreens, sculptures and postcards, and develops over six thematic sections, starting with a biographical portrait of the great New York artist. The exhibition includes the brands that populated the advertising imagery popular in the United States between the 1960s and 1970s and show business icons, including the faces of Mick Jagger, Sylvester Stallone and Marilyn Monroe.

In 1962, at the Ferus Gallery in Los Angeles, a young artist opened his first solo exhibition in the Californian city. The author was Andy Warhol and critics panned his compositions as ‘flat and provocative works. Nevertheless, from then on, his success would be unstoppable. In the famous ‘Factory’, the greatest intellectuals and VIPs of the time will pass through, all eager to have their portraits taken by Andy.

Pop Art is mass culture, the main object of art itself. It is no longer human but an inexhaustible production chain of ‘things’ that are endlessly reproduced for commercial purposes. The operation anonymises the artist’s figure in the production process, thus underlining the absurdity of complete detachment from any emotional commitment.

Warhol’s art is not only a criticism of consumer society (which is true of most other Pop artists) but also an attack on bourgeois values and the Art establishment. By manipulating images, Warhol reveals the superficiality of the system to which he belongs. The strength of his style, even with the simplicity of his aesthetics, can surpass the icons represented.

Sergio Giordani (Mayor of Padua) and Andrea Colasio (Councillor for Culture) express their thoughts as follows: ‘Among the many revolutions that transformed art in the second half of the 20th century, the Pop movement is the one that definitively cancelled the distance between the artwork and the public. Andy Warhol’s masterpieces are inspired by the mechanisms of recognisability and reproducibility of famous people and commercial products.

As the title of this exhibition, the artist himself ended up becoming an icon of himself, which brings a cultural experience to Padua that is profound and playful, cleverly puts it. More than 150 artworks, including drawings, photographs, engravings, silkscreens, sculptures and postcards, allow visitors to immerse themselves in the colourful and brilliant World of one of the most famous and cited artists of the 20th century. “Centro Culturale Altinate San Gaetano” is once again the venue for an important exhibition, which also bears witness to our city’s renewed interest in contemporary art. 

A fabulous Art Exhibition; the City of Padua will proudly host the artworks signed by the undisputed genius of Pop Art. The astonishing Art Event of the year… we definitely recommend to see.

Art Director Simona Occioni

The Exhibition managed by

Daniel Buso and Alessandra Mazzoleni

In collaboration with

Foundation Mazzoleni and “Città di Padova”

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Photo by Gian Carla Faralli

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