A sea of fine sand, an archaeological park with the best-preserved Doric temples of the entire Greek civilisation and a pine forest that releases the most intense scents. This is Paestum, a crossroads of peoples and civilisations, a corner of eternity located between the Cilento National Park and the Amalfi Coast.

Paestum is an ancient city of Magna Graecia, called Poseidonia by the Greeks in honour of Poseidon, but devoted to Athena and Hera. After its conquest by the Romans, it was renamed Paestum. The extent of its settlement is still clearly recognisable today, enclosed by its Greek walls, as later modified in Roman times.

Here, nestled between the pine forest and the Mediterranean scrub, stands the Boutique Hotel Esplanade, a microcosm of beauty that, with its garden of a thousand shades, its rooms overlooking the beautiful swimming pool, its Vietri ceramic decorations and the impeccable quality of service, is ideal for those seeking the warmth and welcome of a private residence, without sacrificing the services of a top hotel. An unforgettable luxury experience.

Just a few steps away is the Savoy Beach Hotel, designed to be a sophisticated hotel with a timeless charm that combines glamour and hospitality, elegance and warmth. Surrounded by a large park that emanates pleasant floral notes, the Savoy has a private beach with swimming pool, the Beach Club 93.

An enchanting place, designed to make the most of a holiday by the sea, from lunch on the beach to dinner under the stars. The cuisine of Beach Club 93 is based on organic ingredients produced in the heart of the Cilento National Park by San Salvatore 1988, the award-winning family farm that has brought the ancient production of wine in Cilento to the forefront of the international press.

A new addition to the Savoy Beach Hotel is the Holos spa, which was created to offer a concept of total well-being: from the three temperature-controlled swimming pools to the salt grotto, ice room, hammam and sauna. The entire experience has been designed to work on the absolute wellbeing of body and mind, drawing on the age-old knowledge of wellness that has been handed down here in the Cilento region for thousands of years.

The Tre Olivi Restaurant, led by chef Giovanni Solofra, also shines within the Savoy Beach Hotel. The restaurant is the ideal combination of the concept of perfection expressed by the number three and the olive tree, the plant so dear to the ancients that it is considered sacred.

Giovanni Solofra – Salvatore Pagano – Roberta Merolli

And this sacred perfection inspires the restaurant’s universe, where you can breathe in the Mediterranean starting from the choice of furnishings, made entirely of olive wood. This inspiring concept was rewarded on Tuesday 23rd November 2021 with the most coveted award, two Michelin stars, which enabled the restaurant to go from zero to two stars in just nine months.

Paestum is a fascinating world. Cilento, a land of history, art, culture, wine, food and much more. All this is bound to enchant visitors, certain of a wonderful experience, full of emotions and unique, unforgettable sensations.

Articolo a cura di Nadia Toppino

Food, Wine & Travel Journalist